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Lin UI — a well designed component library of wechat applets | Develop Paper

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I’d like to recommend one to you todayShip NEWNew wechat applet component library:If it’s a brother, use it!


ByThe team has created a set of wechat applet component library with rich components, beautiful design and complete business case, which is your best choice for developing wechat applet.

PS: This article will not introduce how to use Lin UI. I will just introduce its advantages to you. If you want to know how to use it, please go toDocument websitesee

Now there are many component libraries in the market: Van weapp, iView weapp, color UI, wuss weapp, WUX weapp, etc. each of them can be called a mature component library.Why should I use Lin UI?

The main attractions of Lin UI are as follows:


Another major feature of Lin UI is its outstanding visual design, because there are professional UI designers in the forest to design component styles. In terms of visual aspect, the component library designed by developers themselves is more than one street.

At the beginning of the article, I listed a bunch of components, one of which is mainly visual, that is color UI, which is also very good-looking (the author of color UI was also a designer). But color is a CSS library, not a component library. As for the specific differences, you can google it.

Let’s take a look at a few negative examples. Do you really like this “plain” style

Let’s see what Lin UI looks like

How about, which is good? I don’t need to say more


Lin UI contains54 componentsNo matter what scenario you use, it can basically meet 90% of your needs, and the remaining 10% can be solved in time by raising issue


Developers who have developed applets may know that applets are much simpler than traditional web applications, because we don’t need to deal with screen compatibility problems on multi terminal devices, which is an advantage of applets. However, if the introduction of a set of component library makes youLost the simplicity of developmentIs this advantage worth using?

Van weapp is a very mature component library in the industry, and its development has gone through a long cycle. But, in my opinion, one of the big drawbacks of van weapp is thatComponent source code is very complex. This complexity does not mean how complicated his logic is, but that van weapp has done a lot of encapsulation for the code. Let’s take a look at the following code:

This is part of the source code of the button component of van weapp. As we know, the button component has almost no business logic, but it has been introducedVantComponentbuttonopenTypeThree TS files.

Do you look confused?VantComponentWhat is it? Applet nativeComponentWhat about it?buttonWhat is it?openTypeWhat the hell is that? Even the source code is written with typescript. I have to learn typescript before I write a small program?

If you’re new to applets and vant weapp, this highly encapsulated feature can cause a very serious problem:When you encounter a problem that can’t be solved in the development process and want to look at the source code, you will find that you can’t understand it. You have to understand the whole design idea to understand the logic of each component.It’s a waste of time, isn’t it?

Lin UI doesn’t have this problem at all, as long as youUnderstand JSLiteracy can understand the source code, do not believe you see

This is Lin UIIndexListComponent source code, because the space problem, only intercepted part. Why do we say that we can understand as long as we can readThe method is annotated in detail, and there is no secondary encapsulation of wechat native API, which is completely native, to ensure that you can understand the source code, so intimate, ask you are not moved!

Conclusion: if you are very familiar with various APIs of small programs, familiar with TS, and have patience to understand the design idea of high encapsulation when encountering bugs, you can use vant weapp. conversely,If you are new to small programs, or you don’t know how to solve bugs, and you want to solve them as quickly as possible, Lin UI will give you the most comfortable development experience.


As an open source project, its activity is very important. Whether the feedback bugs can be solved in time, whether the project authors with good ideas can accept and join the project, and the number of people using the project. These three points must be considered when selecting the technology.

The feedback efficiency of Lin UI is very high, and the bugs fed back by issue can be solved within 24 hours on average, which is already very high efficiency. Compared with vant weapp, because its maintainers are all on-the-job developers, they don’t have enough time,Issue processing will certainly be slower than Lin UIYes.

Since the release of the first version 0.1.0 on April 24, 2019, Lin UI has been updated for more than a year, with more than 600 commits and more than 300 issues. In exchange, Lin UI is stable enough and easy to use.If you like, you are welcomeGithubA star in the world 。

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