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Why is it important for your business to have an excellent reputation online?

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Online reputation is the image that your business has on the Internet and that is created from the opinions and ratings of consumers who want to share the experience they have had with the service or product that your business has offered them.

The most common online sites where users leave their comments are social networks, blogs, forums and mainly on Google my Business, which is like a small business card and the reputation of your business will be damaged if it contains negative reviews. .

Studies carried out indicate that:

- More than 60% of customers rely on reviews when choosing a
product or service.
- The online rating that people give your business can
increase your income from 5% to 9%.

If you have an excellent online reputation, you can position your business among the first places in online search engines. Therefore, taking advantage of the online reputation of your business will not only serve to promote your business in a positive way in the various digital channels, but it is also a determining factor so that you can increase your competitive advantage and attract more customers.

However, to obtain a good online reputation, you have to follow some steps that make a difference in winning over customers, increasing the degree of satisfaction and bringing more confidence and that will be the subject of the following article

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