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Sunday, 22 October 2023 15:24

How to Delete W3 Total Cache Properly

This post would not have been necessary if not that it takes extra effort in completely deleting W3 total cache compared to other WordPress plugins. This is so because, W3 total cache tend to leave strings of scripts behind on the site root directory that may hamper the smooth running of server and the entire website.

These scripts have been the major out cry of beginners who prior the delete have been advised on the efficacy of W3 total cache as one of the best caching plugins to speed up page load. Indeed, this plugin still remain the best of it kind if set properly.

I recently switched from W3 total cache to WP super cache because of compatibility problem and conflicting responses of W3 total cache with other plugins especially the ones that operate on JavaScript.

This is premised on the fact that W3TC has been configured to minify them. Upon this was the process of delete constituted apart from the error 500 reports.

However, a simple solution could be to uncheck all the cached parameters on W3 total cache and then, deactivate it before a new plugin is installed. If this does not work, deleting it out-rightly or replacing with WP super cache could just be the best solution.

The process of deleting W3 total cache.

Log in to your WordPress admin panel
Click Seroquel buy W3 total cache. Find W3 total cache and click on setting
Uncheck all cached parameters on General setting and miscellaneous
Click on ‘Save All setting‘
A message stating that the ‘plugin is currently disabled’ will show at the top page to confirm W3TC is no longer functional.
Go back to installed plugin page and deactivate W3TC
Then, click on delete and follow through the process.

Now, to remove the problematic scripts that won’t let go off the root directory on the server;

Log in to your host panel and go to file manager or log in to your server directly through FTP program.

Open wp-content on the root directory and look for the following files;

  • db.php
  • w3-total-cache-config.php
  • Advanced-cache-php
  • w3tc

Delete all these files if you find them their.

Also, open .htaccess file for editing and ensure it does not contain w3 total cache re-write rules. Set the security settings to 644 or lower.

That’s about all you need to do to completely delete W3 total cache from your website. Since it might be necessary to either reinstall W3 total cache later in future or any other caching plugin like WP super cache so as to enhance page load time, I won’t advise you to completely remove or disable ‘WP-CACHE’.

But if you wish to do this then, edit the wp-config.php file and change the line:

define (WP_CACHE’, true);
from true to false (i.e. define (‘WP_CACHE’,false);

Effect of Caching Plugins

It is important to state hear that caching plugins tend to delay updates depending on the time set for caching. So, if your updates didn’t show up almost immediately, that does not mean they’ve not been effected.

Give it some time and you’ll see the update operational. You may want to say that website design or blog setup is about tweaking until perfection is reached but, the caching delay might affect quick display thereby elongating the time of setup completion.

Well, this is caching plugin disadvantage. The solution would be to disable all caching factors before effecting an update.

We shall be glad to know if you have a better way of doing this. No one is an epitome of knowledge, but be unique at what you do.

What if a plugin takes down your site? Try to log in and disable it. What if you can’t log in because the whole site is down? In this article, learn how to deactivate plugins from the database using phpMyAdmin or your favorite database editor.

You will be editing your list of activated plugins by editing PHP serialized arrays. This is an advanced move, but in this article you’ll find great resources that will be of huge help to you.

Why You Should Go Through The Database
Your database editor lets you access the plugins without affecting your file structure. For example, if you wanted to deactivate plugins by renaming a folder, you would need to access your file system. But you can accomplish this same effect much faster (and more safely) by using the database as your backdoor solution.

Where Can You Find Plugins In The Database?
You will find a list (in serialized array) in the “wp-options” table of your WordPress database. There you’ll find the row labeled "active_plugins". This is the table and row you will need to edit to deactivate plugins.

Serialized Data Editor
In order to edit serialized data safely, you need to use special editors that help you avoid any human error. The editor suggested in this article was developed by Delicious Brains and makes it very easy to edit serialized arrays.

How To Disable WordPress Plugins From The Database

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Click phpMyAdmin under Databases
  3. Locate the WordPress database you need to edit
  4. Locate the active_plugins row in the “wp-options” table
  5. Copy the serialized data in active_plugins and copy it into the serialized data editor
  6. Uncheck the plugins you wish to deactivate
  7. Restore the edited array into your database
  8. (Optional) Paste a:0:{} to disable all plugins
  9. Save your changes
Tuesday, 12 September 2023 07:41

The latest version of Harmony OS

Huawei’s latest official version of Harmony OS is known as Harmony OS 2. However, the third version is on the horizon, fittingly named Harmony OS 3. It’s in the beta testing phase at the moment, but we expect to see HUAWEI take the covers off soon.

In the meantime, Harmony OS 2 brings many of the customizations of Android 12 to the wider HUAWEI audience. It incorporates service widgets, which make alarms, reminders, and music control easier than ever. HUAWEI also has an easier way to access your widgets — simply swipe up from a regular app icon to turn it into a widget. Once you create a widget, you can customize its size and even pin it to your home screen.

Harmony OS 2 also features an updated control panel, which looks and feels a lot like what you get on Android and iOS. It offers quick access to settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and volume. However, the Harmony OS control panel also adds a Super Device button to manage all of your connected devices right from one place. As part of HUAWEI’s global approach, you can pair your tablet and laptop together in Extend Mode or bust out the HUAWEI Pen to sketch out designs on your touchscreen.

HUAWEI unveiled its Harmony OS 2 in August 2021, along with an extensive roadmap of devices. It’s not every day that an OEM promises an update to 65 or more devices, so there’s a good chance you’ll see Harmony OS 2 sooner or later. Unfortunately, the roadmap is for China-specific devices at the moment, and it’s tough to say when we’ll see the platform expand into Europe or other markets.
Friday, 12 August 2022 13:56

Technical SEO Consultant Profile

Technical SEO Consultant Profile

Although the profiles of consultants with prior technical knowledge such as web programmers or engineers have an easier time understanding the methodologies of technical SEO, in general, most consultants can become good technical SEOs as long as they learn disciplines such as the following:

Tuesday, 14 June 2022 07:50

Allow Specific Users to Login via SSH

In order to allow specific users or a specific group of users to login to a Linux system via SSH, AllowUsers or AllowGroups options can be used in SSH daemon configuration file, /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

It is very frequent for us,  that we are going to add a new module to our Joomla, and we do not remember the positions of the modules in the template. Each template will have some positions defined for the modules that it has recognized; these positions will therefore be different from one template to another.

Online reputation is the image that your business has on the Internet and that is created from the opinions and ratings of consumers who want to share the experience they have had with the service or product that your business has offered them.

Generation Z is the latest generational cohort to enter the workforce. They have different work values that companies must adapt to in order to retain these young professionals. This group values authenticity, work-life balance, and corporate benefits.

Sunday, 08 May 2022 20:00


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Sunday, 08 May 2022 19:55

5 anti-spam measures for phpBB 3.0

phpBB is an open-source forum soft­ware that is very pop­u­lar and widely used. This makes it an ideal tar­get for spam­mers. The phpBB de­velopers there­fore im­ple­men­ted an im­proved Captcha in ver­sion 3.0. But spam­mers have already ad­ap­ted to this and have im­ple­men­ted im­proved bots that are able to break the new Captcha and to auto­mat­ic­ally cre­ate junk posts. In the fol­low­ing I will de­scribe five anti-spam meas­ures that ef­fect­ively re­duce spam in every phpBB 3.x in­stance. The main goal of these meas­ures is to block as many spam posts as pos­sible without af­fect­ing nor­mal forum users.

Measure #1: links

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