The choice of a database management system is usually an afterthought when starting a new project, especially on the Web. Most frameworks come with some object-relational mapping tool (ORM) which more or less hides the differences between the different platforms and makes them all equally slow. Using the default option (MySQL in most cases) is rarely wrong, but it’s worth considering. Don’t fall into the trap of familiarity and comfort – a good developer must always make informed decisions among the different options, their benefits and drawbacks.

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I did change the datadir of a MySQL installation and following some steps it worked fine. Every base I had was moved correctly but one.

I can connect and USE the database, even SHOW TABLES returns me all the tables correctly and the files of each table exists on the mysql data directory. But when I try to SELECT something there, it says the table doesn't exists. But the table does exists, it even shows at SHOW TABLES statement!

My guess is that the SHOW TABLES lists the files existence somehow that the files are corrupt or something like that but it doesn't check it. So I can list them but not access them.

But that's just a guess, I've never seen this before. Can't restart the database now for testing, every other application which uses it is running fine.

Does anyone knows what is it?

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