Customized programming

Customized Programming

Software customization service

Every enterprise has its own unique management mode and workflow. Currently, all management systems on the market, such as OA, ERP, CRM, HRM, and Invoicing, are mostly common software. This type of software is difficult. Meet the individual needs of the company. In order to meet the individualized business needs of the enterprise, let the software adapt to the enterprise management mode, instead of letting the enterprise adapt to the function of the software, so according to the personalized management process and the way of the enterprise, tailor a set of software belonging to its own company management mode. It is already the standard for the implementation of information management in every enterprise.

We provide customized software development services for companies and adopt professional customized development processes to meet the different needs of major enterprise software products.


Custom development features and advantages:

       • Powerful and flexible, easy to expand modules;

       • Support B/S, C/S architecture, and comprehensive coverage of implementation requirements;

       • Controllable, process steps at a glance;

       • Close to the customer's individual needs and detailed service;

       • Practical and easy to operate, suitable for people from different backgrounds;

       • Powerful user rights management to meet different types and sizes of customer requirements;

       • The project development cycle is short and the implementation costs are reasonable;

       • Powerful and flexible, easy to expand modules;

       • Follow-up service is convenient and convenient, and enjoys intimate service.