Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


1: Keyword Research:  Our first step of SEO is to research visitor search patterns and develop a list of relevant Keywords. These keywords will provide the foundations of the optimization process identifying the most popular and relevant terms that users are actually searching for in order to find services that can be found on your website.

2: Title: Each page in the site should have a unique title.

3: Meta tags Optimization: Meta tags are the blocks which contain information about the contents of your web page and they exist into the head area of your web page. They are basically meant to communicate with the search engine.

4: Content Optimization: Content optimization is the modification and reorganization of site content in a way that makes it more accessible and better represented to the World Wide Web, search engines and users. 

5: Link-Structure: We will fully examine how pages in your site are linked to one another and, if necessary, prepare a stronger internal linking system through a discrete navigation map applied to the bottom of each page in the site. This mapping system would not reorder links presently coded into the site; however, it would provide the clear paths necessary to ensure a spider could access all-important sections of the site.

6: Right keyword density:  various other search engines, has a different keyword calculation. Some search engines permit heavier keyword numbers and density on the page, while some like Google, and have much stricter allowable density levels. We add keywords considering keyword density for all search engines.     



1: Search Engine Submission: We provide manual search engine submission to all major search engines.

2: Link Building: The most important component to ranking well in the search engine is accumulating inbound links, or link building. Links can make your ranking, even if you have great content. The search engines use links to help them determine the credibility, authority, and even the topic of a site. Link building is the process of getting links to your site.

3: Directory Submission: We have a manual directory submission service; our team will manually submit your website to top, free, Non reciprocal And SEO friendly web directories. The links that you get are one-way permanent links for your website; no reciprocal link required.

4. Article submission: Article submission with appropriate links will also enable in bringing direct traffic and it will also help in improving search engine rankings. As these links from articles are permanent, they give you long term benefit.

5: Analysis and Reporting: Website Optimization Report - Detailing modifications, changes and recommendations made during the search engine optimization process. Regular Monthly Search Engine Placement Reports - A standard search engine position report in the last week of each month.

6: Site Monitoring: we will monitor your website’s search engine performance on a weekly basis.


ON-Page Optimization

1)      Meta Tags Optimization

2)      Title Tags Optimization

3)      Anchor Tags Optimization

4)      Alt Tags Optimization

5)      Image and Hyperlinks Optimization

6)      Header Tags Optimization

7)      Existing Content Optimization

8)      Internal Link Structuring

9)      Check for Duplicate content

10)   Back Link Analysis

11)   HTML sitemap creation, submission and maintenance


OFF-Page Optimization – Only Manual submissions not by software’s

 12)   Directory Submission

13)   Article writing and submission

14)   Business Listings

15)   Classified Listings

16)   Social Bookmarking

17)   Blog Creation and routinely postings

18)   Forum Posting and interactions


Reports and Submissions

19)   Critical website Analysis

20)   One Competitor Analysis

21)   Duplicate Content Check

22)   CSS file check

23)   Broken Links Check

24)   Baseline Ranking Check

25)   Google Page Rank Check

 Reporting (every month)


26)   Keyword ranking report

27)   Off page Work report

28)   On Page Work Report

29)   Google Analytic Traffic Report