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Tuesday, 12 September 2023 07:41

The latest version of Harmony OS

Huawei’s latest official version of Harmony OS is known as Harmony OS 2. However, the third version is on the horizon, fittingly named Harmony OS 3. It’s in the beta testing phase at the moment, but we expect to see HUAWEI take the covers off soon.

In the meantime, Harmony OS 2 brings many of the customizations of Android 12 to the wider HUAWEI audience. It incorporates service widgets, which make alarms, reminders, and music control easier than ever. HUAWEI also has an easier way to access your widgets — simply swipe up from a regular app icon to turn it into a widget. Once you create a widget, you can customize its size and even pin it to your home screen.

Harmony OS 2 also features an updated control panel, which looks and feels a lot like what you get on Android and iOS. It offers quick access to settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and volume. However, the Harmony OS control panel also adds a Super Device button to manage all of your connected devices right from one place. As part of HUAWEI’s global approach, you can pair your tablet and laptop together in Extend Mode or bust out the HUAWEI Pen to sketch out designs on your touchscreen.

HUAWEI unveiled its Harmony OS 2 in August 2021, along with an extensive roadmap of devices. It’s not every day that an OEM promises an update to 65 or more devices, so there’s a good chance you’ll see Harmony OS 2 sooner or later. Unfortunately, the roadmap is for China-specific devices at the moment, and it’s tough to say when we’ll see the platform expand into Europe or other markets.
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