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How to fix if my IP is blacklisted by UCEPROTECT

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If your IP or mailserver is blacklisted on UCEPROTECT, you don't have to worry about appearing on this

This blacklist is a scam, since they have blocked millions of legitimate IPs and request a financial amount in exchange for removing the IPs from their list.

We must be wary of blacklists where the payment of money is required for the elimination of your IP.

Many companies have already blocked the UCEPROTECT server globally as they are known for their shady tactics and false positives.

Here is an article from the well-known security company Sucuri, on this topic:

Here is another that talks about the extortion that this company was doing, as early as 2009:

The Telefónica Group, which has tens of millions of IPs, is also listed.

For an antispam system to be reliable, it must follow fair standards agreed by the majority of trusted IPS's in all countries. These rules are summarized here:

If a mail server rejects your emails because your IP is on the UceProtect Spam lists, it is a mail server that does not follow the guidelines recommended globally by the main Internet mail providers, and therefore it is a totally their problem and not yours, and in which case, your server/IP are NOT responsible.

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